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Spill Control Products

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3M Spill Control

Hazardous substances are often stored or used in the workplace. Business need to be able to react quickly to spills of these substances to prevent damage to both people and the environment. The Hazardouns Substances and New Organisms (HSNO) Act 1996 requires an emergency management plan that deals with the safe management of all hazardous substances. The Environment Risk Management Authority (ERMA) also requires that there are emergency response plans for secondary containment, or bundling, to contain spills. The use of 3M sorbents allows businesses to meet many of these requirements of the HSNO Act.

3M Sorbents are lightweight, non abrasive, dust free, easy to remove and easy to deploy in the event of a spill and create less waste. Used sorbents should be handled, labelled and trasnsported in accordance with safety and environmental regulations foe the absorbed liquid.


3M Maintenance Sorbents

3M Maintenance Sorbents are designed to absorb non-agressive liquids making them ideal for the control of leaks, drips, spills of oils and lubricants commonly ound in the industry.



3M Petroleum & Oil Sorbents

These sorbents are designed specifically to control, clean and recover oil and other petroleum based fluids while repelling or floating on water. The 3M Petroleum sorbent range is available in a variety of configurations including booms, sheets, pads, pillows and rolls and can be re-used with up to 90% of the absorbed oil able to be wrung out and reclaimed.


3M Chemical Sorbents

These sorbents are relatively inert, made principally from polypropylene, and are powerful enough to handle dilute acids, bases, collants, solvents, oils and many other hazardous liquids - eliminating the need for several different sorbent types. They are lightweight, dust-free and have a high absoprtion capacity.


3M Chemical Spill Response Kits

The 3M range of Spill Response Kits can quickly and effectively deal with a spill emergency and come with spill response intructions, fast acting high performance sorbents and lightweight personal protective equipment.



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