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3M Scotchweld Structural Epoxy & Acrylic Adhesives

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3M Scotchweld Structural Adhesives contain structural load bearing formulations for metals, rubber, glass and more...

3M Scotchweld Structural Adhesives Duo-Pak cartridges are two-part structural adhesives conveniently packed and used with Scotchweld hand held Applicators to provide consistent mixing, easy application and reliable results. Most products are availble in bulk form.

As an alternative to screws, rivets and welding, the reasons for using Scotchweld Adhesives are:

  • Greater design latitude
  • Cleaner lines
  • Material substitution
  • Less Machining
  • Lighter weight
  • Greater durability

3M DP-100+ Scotchweld Epoxy Adhesive

Fast cure rigid epoxy


3M DP-105 Scotchweld Epoxy Adhesive

Fast cure epoxy, very flexible

3M DP-110 Scotchweld Epoxy Adhesive

High peel strength epoxy

3M DP-125 Scotchweld Epoxy Adhesive

High peel strength epoxy, available in translucent and grey

3M DP-190 Scotchweld Epoxy Adhesive

General purpose long worklife flexible epoxy, available in translucent and grey

3M DP-270 Scotchweld Epoxy Adhesive

Long worklife electronic potting compound

3M DP-420 Scotchweld Epoxy Adhesive

Toughened epoxy

3M DP-805 Scotchweld Acrylic Adhesive

High peel and shear strength acrylic

3M DP-810 Scotchweld Acrylic Adhesive

Low odour acrylic, bonds most plastics and metals.


3M DP-8005 Scotchweld Acrylic Adhesive

Acrylic Adhesive for polyethylene and polypropylene.


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