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Norton H211 Brown

Item Notes:

Suitable for machine and hand sanding. H211 is the most durable Norton sanding roll with a Brown Aluminium Oxide on a heavy F Weight backing.

Size Roll Barcode Grit UOM Product Code
115 X 50 M 40 Roll SPR40-H211
60 Roll SPR60-H211
80 Roll SPR80-H211
100 Roll SPR100-H211
120 Roll SPR120-H211
150 Roll SPR150-H211
180 Roll SPR180-H211
240 Roll SPR240-H211

Size Roll Barcode Grit UOM Product Code
150 X 50 M 9415900000967 40 Roll SPR40/150-H211
9415900000974 60 Roll SPR60/150-H211
9415900000981 80 Roll SPR80/150-H211
9415900000998 100 Roll SPR100/150-H211
9415900001001 120 Roll SPR120/150-H211
9415900001018 150 Roll SPR150/150-H211
9415900001025 180 Roll SPR180/150-H211
9415900001032 240 Roll SPR240/150-H211


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