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3M Spray Adhesives

Item Notes:

3M Super 74 Foam Fast Spray Adhesive

Aerosol adhesive for general upholstery form bonding. Bonds most flexible urethanes or latex foams to itself, also wood, metal and plastic. Foam to foam bonding leaves no hard adhesive join, quick tack, foam tearing strength, soft, and variable width spray control in the nozzle.

Code: 74    Size: 489g Can    Min Qty: 1    Ctn Qty: 12


3M 75 Repositionable Spray Adhesive

Bonds many types of cloth, paper, cardboard, acetate, foil and plastic sheeting. Also used for re-sticking PSA discs onto their backup pads.

Code: 75    Size: 290g Can    Min Qty: 1    Ctn Qty: 12


3M Super 77 Spray Adhesive

Multi purpose aerosol adhesive. A high tack, high coverage, fast drying transparent adhesive for permanently attaching lightweight boards, foils, foams, plastics, paper, cardboard, felt and cloth etc.

Code: 77        Size: 340g Can    Min Qty: 1    Ctn Qty: 12

Code: 77/475   Size: 475g Can    Min Qty: 1    Ctn Qty: 12


3M 76 High Tack Spray Adhesive

A high tack adhesive with fast strength build-up. Can be used for single sided application. Used by sail makers when tacking sails together before sewing. Also attaches name plates, swimming pool liners and much more. ”Lace” spray pattern for more control.

Code: 76        Size: 470g Can    Min Qty: 1    Ctn Qty: 12


3M 90 High Strength Spray Adhesive

Is the fastest drying, high strength aerosol contact adhesive that 3M offers. To be applied to both bonding surfaces, dries in 1-2 minutes. Bonds polyethylene, polypropylene and other plastics. Has an adjustable tip of a 1 –3 inch spray width to match any application.

Code: 90        Size: 489g Can    Min Qty: 1    Ctn Qty: 12


3M 8088 General Trim Spray Adhesive

Fast drying, high strength, 50% voc clear aerosol adhesive. Fast drying and long tack designed for fabrics, upholstery, foams, carpets, KB board, painted or bare metal, and other trim materials. Do not use on unsupported vinyl or styrofoam.

Code: 8088        Size: 515g Can    Min Qty: 1    Ctn Qty: 12






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