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Double Sided Tape

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3M Double-Sided Tapes and Adhesive Transfer Tapes

3M Double-sided tapes and adhesive transfer tapes provide a bonding solution to meet your every requirement. Whether you are attaching graphics to durable goods, laminating to foam gaskets or splicing webs in a cardboard corrugator, 3M will provide a solution for the most demanding applications.

Double-sided tapes are engineered with adhesive on both sides of a carrier such as film or tissue. This increases the dimensional stability of the tape for easy handling and application.

Adhesive Transfer Tapes are rolls of pressure sensitive adhesive (whithout a carrier) providing excellent conformability and temperature resistance, high shear strength amd high performance for attachment of durable graphics.

  • Excellent durability and adhesion to most surfaces
  • Can be applied by hand or with laminating equipment
  • Wide choice of tapes to stick to plastics, metals, foam, paper, foils and more
  • Custom sizes available upon request
  • Easily converted by die cutting

Double-Sided Tapes

3M 9086 High Performance Tissue Tape

High initial tack amd excellent peel and shear performance on both high and low surface energy materials, 0.19mm thick



3M 9888T General Purpose Tissue Tape

High initial tack and very good adhesion to most surfaces, 0.15mm thick



3M CT6348 Utility Tissue Tape

Good initial tack and adhesion to most surfaces, 0.19mm thick



3M 9088 & 9088FL High Performance Film Tape

High initial adhesion and excellent peel and shear performanceon both high and low surface energy materials. 9088FL has a strong film liner for intricate die cuts, 0.21mm thick



3M 55256 General Purpose Film Tape

Good initial adhesion and shear holding to a variety of surfaces, 0.05mm thick



3M 9425 Repositionable Film Tape

Differential adhesive. High tack on the side exposed when the roll is unwound and medium tack on the side exposed when the liner is removed, 0.13mm thick.



3M 9473PC VHB Adhesive Transfer Tape

Thick adhesive with exceptional shear strength and heat resistance, 0.25mm thick



3M 468MP High Performance Laminating Adhesive

For graphic attachment to textured surfaces. Short term repositionability for placement accuracy, 0.125mm thick



3M 467MP High Perfomance Laminating Adhesive

For graphic attachment to smooth surfaces. Short term repositionability for placement accuracy, 0.05mm thick



3M 465 General Purpose Adhesive Transfer Tape (or 924 ATG Tape)

Transparent, excellent adhesion to paper, acid free for long term mounting of prints and photographs, 0.05mm thick



3M 9485PC High Performance Adhesive Transfer Tape (or 926 ATG Tape)

Excellent chemical resistance and high bond strength on both high and low surface energy materials including paints, powder coatings and lighly oiled metals, 0.125mm thick



3M 950 High Tack Adhesive Transfer Tape (or 969 ATG Tape)

Very high initial adhesion and good shear holding power on most surfaces, 0.125mm thick



Sellotape 1205 Double-Sided Vinyl Tape

  • Has an aggressive rubber adhesive
  • Has a tough transparent flexible film
  • Has a multitude of uses in general assembly work
  • Great for attaching sandpaper to long boards
  • Ideal for bonding and laminating of cardboard point-of-sale displays
  • Used for gift wrapping, sample box making, and splicing
  • Also used as an economy stereo plate mounting tape in the Print Industry


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