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Cutting Compounds and Polishes

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3M 5958 Super Duty Rapid Cut – Very Coarse

A cutting compound designed to provide fast cutting to acrylic lacquer surfaces after wet sanding (P1200) to produce a high gloss finish. It may also be used to restore the finish of weathered surfaces. Contains no silicone.

Code: 5958/5    Size: 5kg

Code: 5958    Size: 14kg



3M 6025 High Gloss Gelcoat Compound – Coarse

Quickly removes heavy oxidation and P600 DA or P1000 W&D sanding scratches from production grade gelcoat. This compound contains no wax or silicone and is designed to leave a high gloss finish without swirl marks.

Code: 6025    Size: 4kg    Min Qty: 1    Ctn Qty: 4




3M 6027 Tooling Gelcoat Compound

Unique formulation aggressively removes sanding scratches in tooling gelcoat (P600 or finer discs with soft interface, 1000 or finer 3M Wetordry sheets), reducing sanding and compounding time while saving time.

Code: 6027    Size: 4kg    Min Qty: 4    Ctn Qty: 4



3M 6085 Perfect-It Rubbing Compound

Fast cutting rubbing compound designed remove sand scratches and leaves a fine finish on paints and gelcoat surfaces.
  • 3Ms most effective compound
  • Effectively removes grade P1200 and finer sand scratches
  • Easy clean-up
3M Perfect-It Rubbing Compound is designed to remove P1200 and finer scratches with either a 3M wool pad or foam compounding pad. This non-gritty formula works on all types of automotive paints, leaving a fine finish. To reduce compounding time, use P3000 Trizact abrasive discs to refine the sand scratches prior to compounding.

Directions for Use: Compound using an air or electric buffer (1400-2000 rpm) equipped with a 3M wool compounding pad (PN 05703) or a 3M white foam compounding pad (PN 05737).Shake container well before using.
  1. Apply enough compound to work a two foot by two foot area. For best results, use enough compound to leave a thin wet film on the surface for one to two passes with the buffer before it begins to dry.
  2. Start the machine and buff using light to medium pressure.
  3. Reduce pressure as compound begins to dry. Spur pad as necessary.
Note: If compound slings onto an adjacent panel, remove compound spatter with a soft damp cloth as soon as possible or before compounding the next panel.

Code: 6085    Size: 946ml    Min Qty: 1    Ctn Qty: 6

3M 6064 Perfect-It Machine Polish

Designed to quickly and effectively remove compound swirl marks from all types of paints and gelcoats, and produce an outstanding high gloss swirl-free finish. Great for dark colors especially black vehicles. Good handling with easy cleanup.  Replaces 3M 05937, 05938, 05991, and 05992.

3M 6064 Perfect It Machine Polish Swirl Mark Remover works great when used after using 3M 06085 Perfect It Rubbing Compound.  For best results use a 3M 05738 Perfect It Polishing pad. This product leaves a high gloss and swirl-free finish. For dark colours follow up with 3M 06068 Ultrafine Machine Polish.

Code: 6064    Size: 946ml    Min Qty: 1    Ctn Qty: 6



3M 6068 Perfect-It Ultrafine Machine Polish

3M Perfect-It Ultrafine Machine Polish eliminates swirl marks and produces high gloss finish. Excellent for dark colored paints and gelcoats. Remove haze with 6020 Perfect-It Detail Cloth.

Code: 6064    Size: 946ml    Min Qty: 1    Ctn Qty: 6



3M 5928 Finesse It II Polishing Glaze

Designed for use on OEM and fully cured automotive paints. Can remove grade microfine P1500 sand scatches. Removes swirl marks after compounding while leaving a glazed finish. VOC content less than 17%.
Phasing out so limited stocks, being replaced with 3M 6064 Perfect-It Machine Polish

Code: FINESSE   Size: 946ml

3M 6066 Perfect-It 3000 Final Glaze

Designed to produce a durable, high gloss finish on fresh or cured paints. Hand or DA applied.

Phasing out so limited stocks, being replaced with 3M 6068 Ultrafine Machine Polish

Code: 6066   Size: 946ml




Farecla Cutting Compound – G6 Medium

Rapid grade for removing paintwork defects from well cured or older paints. Fast cutting action for heavy over spray and orange peel.


Code: FAREC/G6   Size: 3kg

Code: FARECG6/400   Size: 400g



Farecla Cutting Compound – G3 Fine

Fast cutting action, Permanent high gloss finish. Contains no silicone.



Code: FAREC/G3   Size: 3kg

Code: FARECG3/1LTR   Size: 1 Litre

Code: FARECG3/400   Size: 400g



Farecla Profile 200 Cutting Compound

Coarse cut compound for the removal of defects from gelcoat, tooling moulds and solid surfaces.  Provides a superior finish and is silicone free.


Code: FAREC/PROFILE200   Size: 3kg



Farecla G4 High Solids Compound

For well cured high solids paint and for hologram removal.



Code: FAREC/G4   Size: 1 Litre



Farecla G10 Cutting Compound (Extra Fine)

The Extra fine cutting action makes it ideal for general cleaning and achieving the best possible finish on darker colours.


Code: FAREC/G10   Size: 1 Litre



Farecla G Matt

Flatting Paste used to create good adhesion prior to repainting. Water based and silicone free.


Code: GMATT   Size: 400g


Farecla Gold Top Machine Glaze

The Farecla Gold Top high performance glaze system for machine application provides a durable, high gloss, showroom finish whilst still allowing fresh paint to fully cure.

Suitable for use on all paint systems (fresh - well cured) the product does not dry up in use, even in direct sunlight, so the operator can work on large areas at a time.

Code: FAREC/GOLDTOP   Size: 500g
It also contains water repelliant properties and will withstand a final valet wash.





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