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PAL Scrapers / Stripping Knives

A one piece stiff blade, full tang for added strength, with a quality wooden handle with a double rivet. Suitable for all stripping and scraping requirements.


Code: SCR/T25    Size: 25mm    Min Qty: 1    Ctn Qty: 6

Code: SCR/T38    Size: 38mm    Min Qty: 1    Ctn Qty: 6

Code: SCR/T50    Size: 50mm    Min Qty: 1    Ctn Qty: 6

Code: SCR/T63    Size: 63mm    Min Qty: 1    Ctn Qty: 6

Code: SCR/T75    Size: 75mm    Min Qty: 1    Ctn Qty: 6

Code: SCR/T100  Size: 100mm    Min Qty: 1    Ctn Qty: 6

Code: SCR/T125    Size: 125mm    Min Qty: 1    Ctn Qty: 6



Linbide Scraper

A fast hook scraper, solidly constructed and arranged with a 50mm double edged reversible blade. The tool will scrape paint, timber, glue and varnish with or without a flame.

Code: SCR/LIN Min Qty: 1    Ctn Qty: 10


Linbide Scraper - Replacement Blades

Code: SCR/LINBLADE Min Qty: 1 Pk 5 Blades   Ctn Qty: 10 Pks





PAL Black Window Scraper

Black polypropylene handle with 1 extra steel replacement blade

Code: SCRAPER/PAINT Min Qty: 1    Ctn Qty: 5



Metal Bog Blades

A 4 piece metal bog blade set. Very flexible steel blades with red plastic handles. Blades are 25, 50, 75 and 100mm in each pack (non assortable).

Code: BOGBLADE Min Qty: 1 Pk   Ctn Qty: 10 Pks



Yellow Plastic Bog Blades

A 3 piece yellow plastic spreaders. Spreaders are 100, 125 and 150mm in each pack (non assortable).

Code: BOGBLAD     Min Qty: 1 Pk    Ctn Qty: 10 Pks



3M PA-1 Blue Hand Applicators

This inexpensive, reusable squeegee-type applicator is flexible yet durable. When hand applying film or premask, this tool is the perfect solution for FRP or other textured surfaces.

Code: PA-1     Min Qty: Bx 25    Ctn Qty: Bx 25



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