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Rags and Paper Towels

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Kagans Bags of Rags

A variety of different rags to suit any cleaning situation.


Code: RAGS    Cloth Type: White Cotton    Size: 20kg

Code: RAGS/TS     Cloth Type: White T Shirt/ Sweatshirt     Size: 20kg

Code: RAGS/TSC    Cloth Type: Coloured T Shirt     Size: 20kg

Code: RAGS/FLANNEL    Cloth Type: Coloured Flannel    Size: 20kg


Sontara Value Clean

Wipes are manufactured in a “spunlacing” process using needle-like jets of water to entangle fibres into a tough and durable material that resists abrasion and solvents. The cloths are ideal for many applications including aviation, manufacturing, painting, auto and machinery repair, printing and graphic arts.

  • Contains no binder or glues
  • Low-linting and excellent performance wet or dry
  • Soft enough for polishing and finishing
  • Can be re-used over and over
  • Strong, durable wipes will soak up to four times its weight in water
  • Absorbs oil and solvents and works fast for excellent wipe-dry
  • No additives to contaminate surfaces

Code: SONTARA/VC    Min Qty: Pk 50    Ctn Qty: 12 Pks




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