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Mould Release Waxes

Item Notes:

Partall Paste Wax #2

Is a general purpose polishing compound made from a blend of hydrocarbon and microcrystalline waxes. For use on moulds where standard silicone waxes hinder the post finishing operations or a primer coat to create a smooth mould surface prior to application of Partall Film # 10. Partall Paste Wax #2 may also be employed as an inexpensive edge wax on larger moulds.

Code: PART    Size: 1.36kg


Partall PVA Film #10

Is a water/alcohol-based Polyvinyl Alcohol solution of water-soluble, film forming materials. For use after paste wax and is ideal for separation between polyester and epoxy resins and various mould surfaces. It will not shrink or pull away from corners or curved surfaces. Readily dissolves with water after use. Not recommended for use with resins containing or giving off water (phenolics) or automotive paint finishes. Use only over Partall #2 or TR-108 Paste Mould Release Wax.

Code: PVA100   Size: 100ml

Code: PVA250    Size: 250ml

Code: PVA1000    Size: 1 Litre

Code: PVA    Size: 3.78 Litre


TR-102 Regular Paste Wax

A high production paste release with excellent breakdown for fast, even coverage. Formulated for fast drying with a pure carnauba base. Extremely easy to apply and wipe off. May be allowed to sit during your breaks before being wiped off.

Code: TR-102    Size: 500gm


TR-104 High Temp Paste Wax

Formulated to work well with heat accelerated applications. Breaks down and applies like TR-102, again allow to dry before removing. Less wax build-up than the conventional synthetic or paraffin releases due to the hard carnauba base.

Code: TR-104    Size: 500gm


TR-108 Basic Paste Wax

Excellent for breaking in new moulds. Produces a deeper wax coating for added protection. Recommended for vertical surfaces and those areas where masking is required.


Code: TR-108    Size: 500gm


TR-210 Self Stripping Liquid Wax

A high production liquid mould release formulated to eliminate build-up problems. Produces a lustrous high gloss finish and sure positive releases. Reduced mould prep time, elimination of build-up and extended mould life are ways, TR-210 improves your efficiency.

Code: TR-210    Size: 3.78 Litres


TR-214 Regular Liquid Wax

Less volatile than TR210, it is a thin, effective release for non-skid, sandblasted, knurled or grained surfaces. Eliminates paste build-up or fill in that mars the finished parts.

Code: TR-214    Size: 3.78 Litres


TR-301 Sealer Glaze

A unique blend of glaze and sealers. Closes mould pores and seals new or re-conditioned moulds with excellent results.

Code: TR-301    Size: 3.78 Litres


Text Box: CODE	SIZE	CTN QTY	MIN QTY TR-301	1Gal	12	1

A unique blend of glaze and sealers. Closes mould pores and seals new or reconditioned moulds with excellent results.



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