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3M Fastbond Water Based Contact Adhesives

Item Notes:

3M Fastbond Water Based Contact Adhesive range offers choices for bonding laminate, foams, fabrics and more in bench top, furniture, upholstery and transportation applications. With increasing concern for health & safety, regulatory and compliance costs, now is the time to switch from solvent based to water based adhesives.

Water based adhesives provide:

  • High solids content for cost effective high coverage rates
  • Non-flammable in the wet state for easy storage without fireproof cabinets
  • Drying without solvent odour, helping to improve worker comfort and thus productivity
  • Choice of formulations that bond fast and strong with a wide variety of substrates
  • Choice of spray, roller or brush application to meet production requirements

30NF Fastbond

Long bonding range for bonding high pressure laminates to particle board.



2000NF Fastbond

Immediate handlng strength without forced drying. Co-spray with activator.


100 Fastbond

Bonds foam and fabrics to themselves and many other substrates.


49 Fastbond

Pressure sensitive for bonding lightweight insulation materials.


Fastbond Activator

Co-sprayed with Fastbond 2000NF.


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