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Mirka Abranet Rolls

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Mirka Abranet Rolls

Mirka's Revolutionary NEW Abranet Roll is an innovative sanding material containing thousands of tiny holes. When using dust extraction equipment, the abrasive surface remains dust free and unclogged! The Mirka Abranet Roll can be cut to fit any size of sanding equipment for exceptional versatility!

Mirka Abranet lasts twice as long, or longer than traditional abrasives, saving time and money! By using Mirka Abranet the sanding process becomes so much more efficient; less dust gives you better control over your work, resulting in a cleaner surface finish and a cleaner and safer working environment.

Mirka Abranet has been developed for sanding many different materials, including Plaster, Wood, Paints, Primers, Lacquers and Composites.

Mirka Abranet is a multifunctional product and can be used within the woodworking, automotive, decorating, and boat building trades as well as many other industries.

Code: SPRA120   Description: MIRKA ABRANET ROLL P120   Size: 115mm x 10m   Grit: P120

Code: SPRA240   Description: MIRKA ABRANET ROLL P240   Size: 115mm x 10m   Grit: P240

Code: SPRA320   Description: MIRKA ABRANET ROLL P320   Size: 115mm x 10m   Grit: P320



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