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Hearing Protection

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3M Orange Foam Ear Plugs 1100 and 1110

Ear Plugs are soft foam ear plugs constructed from hypo-allergenic material. They have a smooth dirt resistant surface, tapered design to fit the ear canal and provide added comfort and hygiene. They are suitable for environments up to 97dB.

Class 3 = 21dB

Code: 1100    Min Qty: Bx 200 pairs    Ctn Qty: 5 boxes

Code: 1110 Corded   Min Qty: Bx 100 pairs    Ctn Qty: 5 boxes



3M Soft Orange Foam Ear Plugs 1120 and 1130

These soft Ear plugs from 3M with their unique ribbed shape allows easy fit for smaller ear canals, new soft hypo-allergenic foam for greater comfort and this also helps reduce inside pressure for improved all day comfort and less sensitive to temperature. Ideal for small and difficult to fit ear canals. Offering suitable protection in most noisy environments.

Class 4 = 22.4dB

Code: 1120    Min Qty: Bx 200 pairs    Ctn Qty: 5 boxes

Code: 1130 Corded   Min Qty: Bx 100 pairs    Ctn Qty: 5 boxes



3M Re-Useable Ear Plugs 1260 and 1270

Made from soft neoprene and are washable and re-useable. Multi-flanged plugs stay securely in the ear canal.

1260 is Class 3 = 19dB

1270 is Class 3 = 18dB


Code: 1260    Min Qty: Bx 100 pairs

Code: 1270 Corded   Min Qty: Bx 100 pairs






3M Banded Hearing Protector

With no insertion required, the band provides hygienic, convenient hearing protection with excellent comfort being light weight with low band pressure. Class 3 when the band is worn around the chin, Class 1 when the band is worn behind the neck.

Code: 1310    Min Qty: Bx 10 pairs

Code: 1311 Replacement Tips   Min Qty: Bx 20 pairs



3M 1425 Economy Ear Muffs

Economical, dependable and lightweight ear muffs ideal for everyday use. Ear cups adjust easily for a customised fit. Can be worn with the headband behind the head for compatibilty with hard hats.

Class 5 = 28dB

Code: 1425    Min Qty: 1    Ctn Qty: 10



3M 1435 General Purpose Ear Muffs

A wide, low pressure handband provides good fit and comfort. Forked headband and multi-position ear cup provides a consistent ear seal. Large ear cups allow for maximum ear space. Lightweight design and cushions and inserts are replaceable.

Class 5 = 29dB

Code: 1435    Min Qty: 1    Ctn Qty: 10



3M 1440 Premium Ear Muffs

Patented adjustable head band tension system, which is extra wide and padded. Two point mounting system combined with a multi-position ear cup provides a better distribution of pressure. Laterally and vertically adjustable. Unique injection moulded inserts, with cushions and inserts being replaceable.

Class 5 = 30dB

Code: 1440    Min Qty: 1    Ctn Qty: 10



3M Replacement Ear Muff Parts Kits

For use with 1435, 1440 and 1450 premium Ear Muffs. Each kit consists of a pair of cushions and a pair of moulded inserts.

Code: 1437    To Suit: 1435 Ear Muffs    Ctn Qty: 1 set

Code: 1442    To Suit: 1440 and 1450 Ear Muffs    Ctn Qty: 1 set



Peltor Grade 4 (H7A) Ear Muff

Softly padded headband; broad ear cushions with combined liquid and foam filling provides an excellent seal and low surface pressure; comfortable for continuous use.

Class 5

Code: EAR/PH7A    Min Qty: 1



Peltor Grade 5 (H7F) Ear Muff

Folding hearing protector with liquid/foam cushions.

Class 5

Code: EAR/PH7F    Min Qty: 1



Peltor Hygiene Kit

A pair of molded inserts and a pair foam cushions to fit Peltor Ear Muffs.

Code: HYGIENE    Min Qty: 1


Radio Ear Muffs



Hearing Protector Classes

Class 1 Up to 90 decibels

Class 2 Up to 95 decibels

Class 3 Up to 100 decibels

Class 4 Up to 105 decibels

Class 5 Up to 110 decibels









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