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Paint Aids Limited - PAL®, is a market leader in New Zealand for painting and decorating tools - both for the DIY home decorator and the professional tradesman. You can trust PAL® products to deliver a quality finish for your home. You can also trust in our 100% Money Back Guarantee on all PAL® products.

Since 1961 PAL® have been designing and making painting accessories in New Zealand. Our focus is to provide the best products for New Zealand conditions and applications. Our in-house brush maker is a master craftsman who designs brushes especially for the New Zealand market.

This focus has meant that the best international innovations and trends have been utilised & designed with your home in mind. Some of the New Zealand innovations we have developed include roller sleeves with a phenolic core that will not soften, swell or deform when you are cleaning your roller. Another innovation is the revolutionary “Speedbrush” paint pads – “Twice as fast as a paint brush” - that enable water based paints to be spread on the surface to improve the finish. If you have corrugated iron that needs painting then you need our two or three bump roller designed specially for corrugated iron. Another winning design is our “Legend” brush range using DuPont Tynex Orel Filament that incorporates unique SmoothTip technology for a legendary result.

Using the right tool for the right job is vital. The quality of the brush, or the roller you choose and whether it is suitable for the paint or stain you are using, are key elements in the quality of finish you will achieve.


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