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3M 8877 Spray Lubricant

A high solids silicone lubricant that provides a long "wet" appearance and increases sliding or lubricating qualities.

Code: 8877    Size: 260g   Min Qty: 1   Ctn Qty:6



CRC Dry Glide With Teflon

Technically advanced multi purpose long term dry film lubricant.  It will penetrate and bond to metal, wood, rubber, plastic and most surfaces and form a non-staining micro thin film that prevents sticking, reducing friction and wear. Dry Glide will seal out moisture and inhibit corrosion and resists oil, dust and dirt build up.  Will not melt, freeze or wash off.

Code: CRC3040    Size: 150g   Min Qty: 1   Ctn Qty:6



CRC Soft Seal 3013

Petroleum based protective coating that forms a light amber transparent film, 2-5mm thick.  It never becomes brittle and will not craze.  It is highly resistant to saltwater and salt spray, making it particularly useful as a long term out door rust preventative.

Code: CRC3013    Size: 300g   Min Qty: 1   Ctn Qty:6



CRC Zinc It 2085

Containing over 95% of highest purity zinc in the dried film, it fuses directly to clean iron or steel surfaces through electrochemical action and presents a hard, single time protection against corrosion. Zinc-It stops rust and rust creepage even when scratched or abraded.

Code: CRC2085    Size: 300g   Min Qty: 1   Ctn Qty:6




Designed for heavy industrial use and where extreme climatic conditions prevail.  Inox contains no silicone, acid or acid forming ingredients, petroleum distillate or kerosene.  Will not harm metal paint surfaces, plastics, paints, enamels or finishes, fibreglass, formica or neoprene seals.


Code: INOX    Size: 300g   Min Qty: 1   Ctn Qty:12

Code: INOX5L    Size: 5 Litre   Min Qty: 1   Ctn Qty:2



CRC CDT Cutting Oil

Superior cutting, drilling and thread cutting lubricant for use on all types of metal.

The additive in CRC CDT Cutting Oil create a strong film that can withstand extreme pressure to increase tool life and improve cutting, and with a viscosity modifier, increases 'cling' for use at any angle.

The low-odour formula is safe on soft materials such as brass, copper and aluminium.

CRC CDT Cutting Oil leaves an anti-corrosive residue.


  • CRC CDT Cutting Oil is ideal for the critical machining of non-ferrous metals for all operations in Machinability *Group 1 (except those such as deep drilling where low viscosity oil is required) and less critical operations in Machinability *Group 2.
  • Group 1: Nickel alloys, nitro alloy steel, cast irons and alloy steels up to 200 Brinell.
  • Group 2: Stainless steels, 'monel' metals, cast irons and alloy steels of 200 or 300 Brinell.

Code: 3063    Size: 300gm    Min Qty: 1    Ctn Qty: 6


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