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Fibreglass and Resin

Item Notes:

Surface Tissue

Fibreglass tissue is a non woven felt made of randomly oriented glass fibres distributed in a special binder by a wet-lay process. This material is used in composite surface applications. It adds smoothness, lustre, and cleanliness of colour to the surface - and it improves water resistance and durability of the product.

Code: TIS    Size: 1040mm wide    Qty: sold per metre


Chopped Strand Matt

Chopped strand mat is made from fibreglass chopped strands bonded with powder binder. Chopped strand mat is used primarily for hand lay up process, filament winding process and press moulding of FRP products. Typical products include bathroom accessories, pipe, building material, automobile, furniture and other FRP products. where strength is required.  Good drape-ability, wet out and cost effective. As a general rule estimate the resin/reinforcement ratio at 1.5-2 times by weight.

Code: CSM300    Weight: 300gsm    Size: 1040mm wide    Qty: sold per metre

Code: CSM450    Weight: 450gsm    Size: 1040mm wide    Qty: sold per metre

Code: CSM600    Weight: 600gsm    Size: 1040mm wide    Qty: sold per metre


Boat Cloth (Woven Rovings)

Woven Roving is made from continuous glass fibre roving which are interlaced into heavy weight fabrics. Compatible with most resin systems.  Used in most cases to increase the flexural and impact strength of laminates.  Ideal for multi-layer hand lay-up applications where great material strength is required.  Good drape-ability, wet out and cost effective.  With Woven Roving as a general rule estimate the resin/reinforcement ratio at 1:1 by weight.  Woven Roving is available in a variety of weaves, weights, widths and finishes to suit a wide range of applications.

Code: WR200    Weight: 200gsm    Size: 1020mm wide    Qty: sold per metre


Woven Roving Cloth Tape

All the same properties as Boat Cloth above, made conveniently into different width tapes for a tidy finish and the perfect size.

Code: WR50    Weight: 200gsm    Size: 50mm wide    Qty: sold per metre

Code: WR75    Weight: 200gsm    Size: 75mm wide    Qty: sold per metre

Code: WR100    Weight: 200gsm    Size: 100mm wide    Qty: sold per metre

Code: WR150   Weight: 200gsm    Size: 150mm wide    Qty: sold per 100m roll


Polyester Resin (General Purpose)

Polyester resins are the most commonly used matrix in the marine and composite industry. These resins are styrene-based, flammable and catalyzed when combined with Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide (MEKP). When working with these resins in large projects it is advised to use gloves and a chemical respirator to protect yourself from the vapours. These resins can be used with any type of fibreglass, carbon fibre or kevlar, as well as used over urethane foam and other sandwich core materials. These resins tend to be fairly rigid when cured and also more brittle than epoxy resins. Mixed by volume 1-2% with MEKP Catalyst.

Code: RES/1    Size: 1kg

Code: RES/2    Size: 2kg

Code: RES/5    Size: 5kg

Code: RES/20  Size: 20kg


Casting Resin

A diamond clear embedding resin. Liquid resin which will not discolour. Cured resin is rock hard, resists chipping, breaking, cracking, and crazing. Can be used with colour dyes for sparkling translucent castings. Used to embed monograms, butterflies, shells, zoological specimens, botanical and anatomical samples . Use with MEKP Catalyst. Casting Resin is a clear embedding resin, NOT suitable as a surface coating nor to be used as a gap filler in wood. Mixed by volume 1-2% with MEKP Catalyst.

Code: RES/C1    Size: 1kg

Code: RES/C2    Size: 2kg

Code: RES/C5    Size: 5kg

Code: RES/C20  Size: 20kg


Surfboard Resin

A clear polyester laminating resin used in surfboard construction and also composites where a clear surface is needed. Mixed by volume 1-2% with MEKP Catalyst. Please note that you will need to use a wax solution in your final coat in order to sand and polish your finished product.

Code: RES/S1    Size: 1kg

Code: RES/S2    Size: 2kg

Code: RES/S5    Size: 5kg

Code: RES/S20  Size: 20kg


White Polyester Gelcoat

Gelcoat is a polyester coating that is applied to the mould surface and becomes an integral part of the finished product. Use to make fiberglass reinforced plastic parts and for repairs to existing gel coated parts. White & Neutral Gelcoat dries to a hard sandable finish. Mixed by volume 1-2% with MEKP Catalyst. Does not contain wax. Neutral is better with coloring agents. White is more opaque with coloring agents. Gelcoat is the bottom coating of choice for most trailerable racing sailboats and powerboats. Gelcoat is easy to apply, and gelcoat application coats smooth and sleek. Coloured Gelcoat is available upon request (minimum of 1kg) and ordered in when prepaid.

Code: GEL1LTR    Size: 1kg

Code: GEL2    Size: 2kg

Code: GEL5   Size: 5kg

Code: GEL20  Size: 20kg


White Flow Coat

A White Isophathalic Polyester Flowcoat for coating the final layers of a laminate and giving a decorative finish to the inside of the boats, tanks, caravans. Great for patch repairs as it has a waxed content in which cures tack free. Mixed by volume 1-2% with MEKP Catalyst.

Code: FLOW1    Size: 1kg

Code: FLOW/2    Size: 2kg

Code: FLOW/5  Size: 5kg

Code: FLOW/20  Size: 20kg


MEKP (Catalyst)

Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide is an organic peroxide.  Hardener for polyester based resins, gelcoats and flowcoats. Please use with extreme care. Used to catalyse polyester resin, gelcoats and flowcoats at a ratio of 1-2% depending on cure time and ambient temperature.

Code: MEKP25    Size: 25ml

Code: MEKP50    Size: 50ml

Code: MEKP100   Size: 100ml

Code: MEKP250    Size: 250ml

Code: MEKP500    Size: 500ml

Code: MEKP    Size: 3.78L

EPIGLASS HT9000 Epoxy Resin System (Part A)

HT9000 has been developed to offer a comprehensive range of resin and hardener combinations for the boat building industry.  It includes systems for glueing, filling, fairing and sheathing timber, GRP, steel, aluminium and ferro-hulls. Use epoxy thinner #7 for clean up. Must be mixed with Epiglass HT9000 Harderner (Part B). This mix has now changed to a 3:1 ratio of resin to hardener

Code: HT9000/250   Size: 250ml

Code: HT9000/500   Size: 500ml

Code: HT9000/1LTR   Size: 1 Litre

Code: HT9000/4LTR   Size: 4 Litre


EPIGLASS HT9000 Epoxy Hardener (Part B)

HT9000 Standard hardener to be used to catalyse HT9000 Epoxy Resin.  Clean up with epoxy thinner #7.

Code: HT9000/HARD   Size: 84ml

Code: HT9000/HARD167   Size: 167ml

Code: HT9000/HARD333   Size: 333ml

Code: HT9000/HARD1.33LTR   Size: 1.33 Litre


EPIGLASS Epoxy Thinner # 7

For thinning down HT9000 Epoxy Resin and for clean up after using Epoxy Resin.

Code: EPOXY/THIN7   Size: 500ml

Code: EPOXY/THIN7/1LTR   Size: 1 Litre


EPIGLASS H120 Glue Blend

Epiglass HT120 High Strength Glue Powder produces a high strength glue when combined with Epiglass HT9000 Resin and Hardener or Polyester Resin. Glue viscosity can be changed to user specifications by increasing or decreasing the amount of HT120 Glue Powder added to the mix.

Epiglass HT120 is a combination of lightweight powders pre-mixed to produce a high strength glue when mixed with Epiglass HT9000 mix. Epiglass HT120 displays easy sanding characteristics plus some degree of filling properties. The mixture is ideal for fillet bonding.

Code: HT120/84   Size: 84gm

Code: HT120/336   Size: 336gm

Code: HT120/840   Size: 840gm

EPIGLASS H450 Filler Blend

A special pre-mix of powders. When lightweight powders and strength are the criteria for your project Epiglass HT450 offers you just that. A special pre-mix of powders makes Epiglass HT450 ideal for filling and coving producing an easy to sand filler. Can use on HT9000 Epoxy Resin and Polyester Resin. Included in Epiglass HT450 is a specific lightweight powder developed to improve trowel and feathering properties especially over small areas. Epiglass HT450 can be applied safely under International Paints' systems when fairing above and below the waterline.

Code: HT450/92   Size: 92gm

Code: HT450/368   Size: 368gm

Code: HT450/840   Size: 840gm


R180 Epoxy Resin System

The ES180 laminating systems were developed for the production of articles where thin film cure is of particular importance that the manufacturer can be positive that he has a part built to the maximum properties in a wide range of working conditions. Particular emphasis was placed on the overall strength and toughness of the cured system. The high mechanical properties combine well with its low viscosity, which in turn ensures the user of easy wet out even on the most difficult fabrics. The resin is well suited to
composite laminating and glass over timber situations. The ES180 Epoxy system is suitable for the usual substrates. A complete range of hardeners are available including the “Surf Set curative” which allows an unsaturated polyester resin to be laminated over the epoxy, this gives the best of both worlds, adhesion to difficult substrates and low cost. This system has also been successfully
utilised in the production of low-cost Polystyrene surfboards and also the manufacture of
plugs in the production marine industry. As well as the above ES180 Epoxy System has been further improved to provide a unique colour change system. This Epoxy is a 5:1 resin to hardener ratio.

Code: R180/1   Size: 1 Litre

Code: R180/4   Size: 4 Litre

Code: R180/20   Size: 20 Litre


R180 Epoxy Hardener

Code: R180/HARD200   Size: 200ml

Code: R180/HARD800   Size: 800ml

Code: R180/HARD4  Size: 4 Litre


F904 Performance Adhesive Powder

Use 906 for load bearing adhesive joints and 904 for impact resistant joints.
For critical bonding it is recommended to use our specially formulated adhesives.
As can be seen the filler mix of 1 litre of mixed resin to 1 litre of filler will give desired
properties for each product, this is an approximate guide and should be adjusted by the user to achieve their desired consistency. Fillers should be mixed until full colour development of the filler occurs, F904 will give a blue colour when properly mixed.

Code: F904/1   Size: 1 Litre

Code: F904/4   Size: 4 Litre

Code: F904/20  Size: 20 Litre


F911 Performance Fairing Powder

ES180 Fillers have been blended to be used in the formulating of this Epoxy System.
These are available in 1 litre and 4 litre plastic containers and 20 litre bags. The colour of the product will develop when mixed properly with ES180 Epoxy Resin. This filler system can also be used with Nuplex Polyesters. If using with other epoxies or polyesters we recommend thorough testing prior to application. F911 is a micro fibre blend fairing powder and when properly mixed with the resin solution will turn red.

Code: F911/1   Size: 1 Litre

Code: F911/4   Size: 4 Litre

Code: F911/20  Size: 20 Litre



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