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Masking Tapes

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3M Scotch 233+ Performance Masking Tape Green

Designed for the professional painter. This tape is conformable, hugs curves and contours. Excellent moisture and solvent resistance. Goes on quick and easy, sticks at touch and stays put yet allows for clean removal. Not for extended outdoor use. 50m rolls.

Code Size Min Qty Ctn Qty
233/3 3mmx50m 12 12
233/6 6mmx50m 12 12
233/12 12mmx50m 48 48
233/18 18mmx50m 1 48
233/24 24mmx50m 1 24
233/36 36mmx50m 1 16
233/48 48mmx50m 1 12



3M 2308 Automotive Masking Tape Cream

Good general purpose masking tape for non-critical paint masking. Its temperature performance allows air-drying and oven curing of paints up to a maximum of 80DegC for 1 hour with clean easy removal (not recommended for delicate surfaces) 50m rolls.

Min Qty
Ctn Qty



3M Scotch 2328 Masking Tape Cream

Utility grade paper masking tape. A professional painter grade tape that gives good protection yet removes cleanly and easily. Not for extended outdoor use. 50m rolls.


Code Size Min Qty Ctn Qty
2328/18 18mmx50m 1 48
2328/24 24mmx50m 1 36
2328/48 48mmx50m 1 20

3M Scotch 2214 Masking Tape Cream

For short term paint masking and other uses up to a temperature of 60°C for one hour. Latex saturated crepe backed paper allows for good sliver resistance and high conformability. Instant adhesion and good paint flaking resistance. Easy unwind and tear to ease the job of masking. Good tape strength for holding joins while glues set.

Code Size Min Qty Ctn Qty
2214/18 18mmx50m 1 48
2214/24 24mmx50m 1 36
2214/36 36mmx50m 1 24
2214/48 48mmx50m 1 24

3M 2080 Long Life Masking Tape Blue

Blue painters tape for delicate surfaces which is UV and sunlight resistant. 60 day clean removal. Ideal for smooth surfaces, fresh paint (24 hours old), primed wallboard, wood floors and vinyl coated wallpaper. 55m rolls.

Code Size Min Qty Ctn Qty
2080/25 25mmx55m 1 36
2080/38 38mmx55m 24 24
2080/50 50mmx55m 12 12



3M 2090 Long Mask Masking Tape Blue

Blue crepe masking tape suitable for outdoor applications. Safe release within 7 days, UV resistant. 55m rolls.

Min Qty
Ctn Qty

3M 50421 Soft Edge Foam Masking Tape Plus

3M introduces the newest development in masking technology. The patented tubular design either expands or compresses to fill the majority of apertures, whilst the offset adhesive bead ensures that the adhesive attachment line can be positioned well away from the paint edge to optimise the soft edge performance. The result is improved soft edge masking performance with a high quality finish. Masking apertures and producing an invisible repair is a constant challenge. Whether using folded tape, foam or conventional masking tape or paper, special care is taken to acheive the desired results. The extra effort takes valuable repair time. 3M Soft Edge Foam Masking Tape makes aperture masking quick, easy and effective.
New Soft Edge Foam Masking Tape Plus is also still suited to taping onto styling or swage lines to create a break for blending purposes, and can be applied to either the panel or the moving part.
Roll size: 7 x 7M lengths x 21mm wide

Code: 50421    Description: 3M 50421 Soft Edge Foam Masking Tape    Size: 21mm x 49m


Norton 152 Low Tack Delicate Tape Light Green

Recommended for newly painted surfaces dry and cured. Due to being a low tack adhesive tape it provides clean removability for at least 10 days in direct sunlight. Ideal for wallpaper, glass, vinyl and other delicate surfaces. 50m rolls.

Code Size Min Qty
Ctn Qty
152/19 19mmx50m 32 32
152/25 25mmx50m 1 24
152/38 38mmx50m 24 16
152/50 50mmx50m 12 12

Norton 540 Long Life Tape

Ideal for long-term external applications provides a reliable smooth edge with strong adhesion.  Used for paint, texture coatings, compounds and marine applications. 66m rolls. Available in blue, yellow, red, white, green


Colour Code Size Min Qty
Green 540/12GREEN 12mmx66m 72
Green 540/18GREEN 18mmx66m 36
Green 540/24GREEN 24mmx66m 24
Green 540/48GREEN 48mmx66m 12
Red 540/12RED 12mmx66m 72
Red 540/18RED 18mmx66m 36
Red 540/24RED 24mmx66m 24
Red 540/48RED 48mmx66m 12
Blue 540/12BLUE 12mmx66m 72
Blue 540/18BLUE 18mmx66m 36
Blue 540/24BLUE 24mmx66m 24
Blue 540/48BLUE 48mmx66m 12
Yellow 540/12YELLOW 12mmx66m 72
Yellow 540/18YELLOW 18mmx66m 36
Yellow 540/24YELLOW 24mmx66m 24
Yellow 540/48YELLOW 48mmx66m 12
White 540/12WHITE 12mmx66m 72
White 540/24WHITE 18mmx66m 36
White 540/36WHITE 24mmx66m 24
White 540/48WHITE 48mmx66m 12

5850 Sellotape Supermask PVC Tape Blue

PVC Masking tape made from a special durable PVC masking film. Leaves a perfect fine line clean edge. Is moisture resistant and can be used on a variety of surfaces.

Code Size Min Qty Ctn Qty
5850/18 18mmx50m 48 48
5850 48mmx50m 18 18



3M Scotch 218 Fine Line Tape Green

Excellent for long masking jobs as it resists stretching. Polypropylene film with special processed backing that allows taping over freshly painted acrylic lacquer or enamel surfaces sooner and with less chance of imprint damage. Provides finest color separation line possible in multi-color striping jobs. 55m rolls.

Code Size Min Qty Ctn Qty
218/3.2 3.2mmx55m 1 12
218/6.4 6.4mmx55m 1 12
218/12 12.7mmx55m 1 12

3M Scotch 471 Fine Line Tape

Uniquely constructed, vinyl backed tape for outstanding paint line definition. The most flexible and conformable, it provides masking protection for complex curved lines, sharp curves, irregularly shaped panels, over rivets and into seams.

Code Size Min Qty Ctn Qty
471/3 3.2mmx55m 1 12
471/6 6.4mmx55m 1 12

3M 6893 UPVC Tape Red

UPVC film backed tape. Good for short-term outdoor masking. Good tack and adhesion. 66m rolls.

Code Size Min Qty Ctn Qty
6893/25 25mmx66m 1 36

3M 471 Vinyl Tape

Excellent for outdoor masking for extended periods. 33m rolls. Conformable vinyl in nine locked-in colors and transparent with pressure-sensitive rubber adhesive.

Benefits include:

  • Easily applied color coding, markings, and identification to aisles, lanes, hazard areas, tools, and equipment
  • Excellent fine line paint masking
  • Protects surfaces against abrasion and chemicals
  • Adds decorative trim that also reinforces and seals
  • Splices and enhances with high visibility
  • Seals riveted seams


  • "Color-throughout" construction resists scrapes, wear, weathering and chemicals
  • Wide variety of colors available: black, blue, brown, green, orange, red, white, yellow, transparent, and purple
  • Bonds, conforms, and seals even with irregular surfaces
  • Easy, clean removal
  • Sharp masking edge
  • Excellent dead stretch
Size Colour Code Min Qty
6mm x 33m Red 471/6RED 12
12mm x 33m Black 471/12BLACK 12
12mm x 33m White 471/12WHITE 12
19mm x 33m Black 471/19BLACK 12
19mm x 33m Blue 471/19BLUE 12
19mm x 33m White 471/19WHITE 12
25mm x 33m Black 471/25BLACK 12
25mm x 33m Blue 471/25BLUE 12
25mm x 33m White 471/25WHITE 12
25mm x 33m Yellow 471/25YELLOW 12
38mm x 33m White 471/38WHITE 12
50mm x 33m Black 471/50BLACK 12
50mm x 33m Blue 471/50BLUE 12
50mm x 33m Brown 471/50BROWN 12
50mm x 33m Green 471/50GREEN 12
50mm x 33m Orange 471/50ORANGE 12
50mm x 33m Red 471/50RED 12
50mm x 33m Yellow 471/50YELLOW 12
50mm x 33m White 471/50WHITE 12

3M Soft Edge Masking Tape

An elliptically shaped, white flexible foam cord with a pressure sensitive adhesive on one surface. It is designed to ensure a “soft edge” whenever a feather paint edge is desirable, is ideal for seal jambs and openings to protect them from over spray. In addition, dust and other contaminants are sealed in, preventing contamination of the paint job.

Code Size Min Qty Ctn Qty
6297 12mmx50m 1 1


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