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Mundial Shears

This assortment is hot drop forged and fully nickel plated with black enameled handles for durable long-term value. These industrial shears are built for comfortable cutting power under the most demanding industrial applications. They offer long lasting performance.

Standard Mundial Shears have tapered blades

Classic Mundial Shears have a top bullnose blade

Serra Sharp Mundial Shears have a serrated bottom blade for cutting Kevlar


Code: SHEAR10     Type: 10" Tapered R/H

Code: SHEAR10-CLASSIC     Type: 10" Bullnose R/H

Code: SHEAR10-K     Type: 10" Serra Sharp Tapered R/H

Code: SHEAR10-L     Type: 10" Tapered L/H

Code: SHEAR12     Type: 12" Tapered R/H

Code: SHEAR12-CLASSIC     Type: 12" Bullnose R/H

Code: SHEAR12-K     Type: 12" Serra Sharp Tapered R/H



Sterling Black Panther Shears

Premium quality tailoring scissors. Ambidextrous comfort grip handles with supremely sharp smooth knife edeg stainless steel blades.

Code: SHEARD11     Type: 11" Tapered ambidextrous

Code: SHEARD12     Type: 12" Tapered Ambidextrous



Sterling Black Panther Snips

Black handled snips with comfort grip handles. Stainless steel serrated egde blades.

Code: SNIPS/185    Type: 185mm snips

Code: SNIPS/200     Type: 200mm snips







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