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Mirka Abranet Sheets

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Mirka Abranet Sanding Sheets

Abranet® is a revolutionary new sanding material for dust-free sanding.

This unique patented sanding material contains thousands of small holes, making it possible to effectively vacuum away dust and other particles without clogging the disc surface. The result is seen as a very uniform sanding pattern and a perfectly smooth surface. Since the amount of airborne dust has been minimized, the work environment is remarkably improved.

Abranet has a much longer lifetime and retains its original sanding performance much longer than traditional abrasives. This means that sanding can be carried out more quickly and more effectively.

Abranet® can be used when sanding wood, fillers, primers, topcoats, composite materials and a large amount of other surfaces.

• Provides virtually dust free sanding.
• Abranet sheets and discs outlast traditional abrasives for greater efficiency.
• Immediate dust removal allows for better sanding.
• Even grain distribution provides more consistent finish and improved surface appearance.
• Extended product life requires less use of materials.
• Better work environment and less environmental impact.

Code: SSHM80/81X133   Description: MIRKA ABRANET SHEETS P80

Size: 81x133mm    Grit: P80    Box: 50

Code: SSHM120/81X133   Description: MIRKA ABRANET SHEETS P120  

Size: 81x133mm    Grit: P120    Box: 50

Code: SSHM180/81X133   Description: MIRKA ABRANET SHEETS P180  

Size: 81x133mm    Grit: P180    Box: 50

Code: SSHM240/81X133   Description: MIRKA ABRANET SHEETS P240   

Size: 81x133mm    Grit: P240    Box: 50

Code: SSHM320/81X133   Description: MIRKA ABRANET SHEETS P320

Size: 81x133mm    Grit: P120    Box: 50

Code: SSHM120/81X133   Description: MIRKA ABRANET SHEETS P120

Size: 81x133mm    Grit: P320    Box: 50



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